Monsoon, the romantic season

I always find monsoon to be the most passionate and romantic season.

Love, romance, passion, crazy thoughts all jumbled together all over my mind.

Yes, my inner romance comes out in the form of a poetry or story.

I feel like falling in love once again whenever it rains.

Falling in love with whom?

Of course, the beautiful blue sky filled with luscious dark clouds filled with water.

The Peacock spread its beautiful feathers at the glimpse of the dark clouds giving away the message of monsoon.

The fresh green grass all over the earth feels like Mother Nature giving birth to the new saplings.

The pretty little flowers look charming in the arms of green grass as if made for each other.

Obsessed with the beauty of nature my heart goes crazy feels like flying high in the sky.

The Pitter-patter rain all over my corpse craft excitement and the enthusiasm to hold every drop of rain in my palms.

This is my infatuation that strongly pulls out my zest to flow like water.

Yup! The crawling little creatures also enjoy the rain like I do.

Wetting my long locks and making me shiver pulling me out to dance and jump like kids.

Caring for the little chicks the birds bury beneath the leaf covering the little one under her wings.

The animals who find shelter under the trees stood like a dummy.

Little tots in colorful raincoat and umbrella look adorable and cute.

Little kids splashing the muddy water on the way to their home.

Care less about their clothes to be ruined, Mom is there to clean them up.

My Pink shoes drenched in water just laid to arid near the fireplace.

The frogs trot the love songs for the female frog.

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